Justin Bieber, you're so funny

Image from Twitter
Did you hear the latest about the Biebs?  No, not that he let ANOTHER friend drive an ultra expensive car and get into ANOTHER crash, or that he's back together with Selena Gomez again.  The story about JB and the Stanley Cup.

It seems as though our old pal caused quite the stir yesterday at the United Center when he was granted permission to see AND touch ::gasp:: the Chicago Blackhawks trophy. Usually, the opportunity to touch the Cup is only allowed to those hockey players who have actually helped their team win the trophy.  To make the incident even more horrifying, a picture that was snapped of Bieber shows him standing on the Indian Head logo on the Hawk's dressing room floor.  Ugh!  Furthermore, he received a personalized Blackhawks jersey which could be seen hanging in team captain's Jonathan Toews locker.

Bieber has received significant backlash as the Canadian continuously rooted against the Hawks the entire playoff series. He was photographed frequently in his home team's logo, the LA Kings, and most recently, he was scene sporting a Boston Bruins hat before the Stanley Cup playoffs while hanging with his pal, Miley Cyrus.

In conclusion, way to be a nincompoop, Justin Bieber.  At least he had the good graces not to piss in the cup. Keep it klassy, JB.

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