Justin Timberlake and Hashtags

I will be the first one to admit, I do not understand Twitter at all.  I don't understand Instragram either.  When people use all those shortcuts and links and codes, it's like a whole other language to me.  Making that admission, I might as well be sitting on my front porch, shaking my cane at the kids and yelling at them to get off my lawn, but I just don't get it.

Apparently there is quite the funny going around the interwebz today after Justin Timberlake's appearance on  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The duo are well known for being hilarious together.  I really, really wish that once Timberlake's musical career dies down (ha!) that he becomes a regular on SNL.  At any rate, they decided it would be funny to show viewers of Jimmy's show, what a Twitter conversation in real life would look like.

Jimmy says, "Hey Justin, what's up?"

Justin replies, "Hey Jimmy, not much. #chilling."

They sign the hashtag with a double tap finger move.

Justin then exclaims that he brought delicious cookies, "#homemade, #oatmealraisin, #showmethecookie."

Fallon is smitten with the cookies and says "#imtherealcookiemonster,  #nomnomnomnomnom."

The two later went on to talk about Duck Dynasty (#quackquack) and Netflix (#orangeisthenewblack) and they even discussed my daughter's most favorite character, Barney. "#purpleisthenewblack, #iloveyouyoulovemewereahappyfamily, #im38, #dinosaurs, #iceage."

Really, you should Google that clip.  So, so funny.

Timberlake concluded his bit with singing Miley Cyrus' tune "We Can't Stop."

"#gottaberaphael, #leonardosucks, #theturtlenottheitalianrenaissancepainter, #monalisa, #isshesmiling, #speakingofsmilingjustsawmydentist, #dentalcare, #cavityfree, #thatshowwedo, #wegohard, #wecantstop."

"#wewontstop," Jimmy added.

See!  Hashtags are dumb.

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