Atreyu and Memphis May Fire Announce Co-Headlining "We Want Your Misery" Tour

The world of rock and metal fans is abuzz with excitement as two powerhouse bands, Atreyu and Memphis May Fire, have joined forces for the highly anticipated "We Want Your Misery Tour." This co-headlining tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans, as these bands bring their signature sounds and electrifying performances to stages across North America. Let's take a closer look at the tour dates and what fans can expect from this epic musical journey.

The Bands

Atreyu, a California-based metalcore band, has been captivating audiences for over two decades. With their distinctive blend of aggressive riffs, soaring melodies, and emotive lyrics, Atreyu has solidified their position as one of the genre's leading acts. Their discography boasts hit albums like "Lead Sails Paper Anchor," "The Curse," and "Long Live."

On the other hand, Memphis May Fire hails from Texas and has been making waves in the post-hardcore and metalcore scene for years. Their emotionally charged lyrics and intense live performances have earned them a dedicated following. Albums like "The Hollow," "Challenger," and "This Light I Hold" showcase the band's evolution and musical prowess.

The Tour Dates

The "We Want Your Misery Tour" will kick off on August 27th in Ventura, CA, at The Majestic, and traverse through various cities before concluding in Bozeman, MT, at The Elm on September 26th. Here is the full list of tour dates:

  • 08/27/2023 - Ventura, CA @ The Majestic
  • 08/28/2023 - Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
  • 08/30/2023 - Albuquerque, NM @ Revel Entertainment Center
  • 08/31/2023 - Amarillo, TX @ Ocho Segundos
  • 09/12/2023 - Montreal, QC @ Theatre Beanfield
  • 09/13/2023 - Toronto, ON @ The Danforth
  • 09/15/2023 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
  • 09/16/2023 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Clyde Theatre
  • 09/17/2023 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
  • 09/19/2023 - Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
  • 09/21/2023 - Maplewood, MN @ Myth Live
  • 09/22/2023 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave II
  • 09/23/2023 - Davenport, IA @ Capitol Theatre
  • 09/24/2023 - Fargo, ND @ Fargo Brewing Company
  • 09/26/2023 - Bozeman, MT @ The Elm

What to Expect

With both Atreyu and Memphis May Fire sharing the spotlight, fans can anticipate an explosive display of talent and energy. Each band has a unique style and stage presence that will undoubtedly complement the other, making for an unforgettable co-headlining experience.

Atreyu's set will likely feature a mix of their classic hits and tracks from their latest releases, showcasing the band's evolution over the years. Expect to hear crowd favorites like "Bleeding Mascara," "Ex's and Oh's," and "The Crimson" alongside newer material that highlights their musical growth.

Memphis May Fire's performance, on the other hand, promises an emotional and intense journey through their discography. Songs like "Miles Away," "No Ordinary Love," and "The Sinner" are sure to strike a chord with the audience, creating an electric atmosphere within the venues.

The "We Want Your Misery Tour" with Atreyu and Memphis May Fire is a dream come true for rock and metal enthusiasts. With their shared passion for delivering powerful performances and connecting with their fans, this co-headlining tour will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on concert-goers.

If you're a fan of raw energy, heart-pounding riffs, and emotionally charged lyrics, be sure not to miss this extraordinary musical event. Grab your tickets and get ready to witness the magic of Atreyu and Memphis May Fire as they ignite stages across North America on the "We Want Your Misery Tour."

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