Catch Hobo Johnson as he 'Crosstreks' across North America

Hobo Johnson live

Hobo Johnson, the alternative hip-hop artist, has been making waves in the music industry since the release of his debut album, "The Rise of Hobo Johnson," in 2017. With his unique blend of spoken word poetry, rap, and singing, Hobo Johnson has gained a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. His honest and raw lyrics have resonated with audiences, and his live performances are a sight to behold. And, exciting news for his fans, Hobo Johnson has announced his 2023 tour schedule, which promises to be his biggest yet.

The tour, which is set to kick off in February 2023, will see Hobo Johnson playing a series of shows across North America, including stops in major cities such as Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Nashville, Chicago and Phoenix. The tour will also include a number of festival appearances, including Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza.

Hobo Johnson's live performances are known for their energy and intensity. He puts his heart and soul into every song, and his connection with the audience is palpable. His shows are a mix of music, poetry, and storytelling, and he is not afraid to share personal details about his life and struggles with mental health.

One of the things that sets Hobo Johnson apart from other artists is his willingness to be vulnerable. In a world where many people try to present a perfect image on social media, Hobo Johnson is refreshingly honest about his imperfections and struggles. His music is a reflection of his life experiences, and he uses it as a way to connect with others who may be going through similar struggles.

Here are some of his most popular songs and what they're about:

  1. "Peach Scone" - This is perhaps Hobo Johnson's most well-known song, thanks in part to a viral performance video on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. The song is a love letter to a crush, with Hobo Johnson pouring out his heart and soul over a simple guitar melody. It's a beautiful and heartfelt expression of young love.
  2. "Typical Story" - This song is a biting commentary on the music industry and the pressure to conform to certain expectations in order to achieve success. Hobo Johnson sings about his own experiences of being told to change his image and sound in order to fit in, and his refusal to do so.
  3. "Subaru Crosstrek XV" - This song is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Hobo Johnson's car, a Subaru Crosstrek XV. It's a playful and quirky song that showcases Hobo Johnson's ability to turn the mundane into something special.
  4. "Uglykid" - This song is a deeply personal exploration of Hobo Johnson's struggles with mental health and self-esteem. He sings about feeling like an outsider and not fitting in with the popular kids, but also about finding a sense of belonging and acceptance through music.
  5. "Romeo & Juliet" - This song is a reimagining of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, with Hobo Johnson putting his own spin on the story. He sings about his own experiences with heartbreak and lost love, and his desire to be with someone who he knows is not good for him.
If you're a fan of Hobo Johnson, or if you're curious about his music, his 2023 tour is not to be missed. His live performances are a unique and powerful experience that you won't soon forget. And, with his upcoming album set to be released later this year, there's no better time to become a fan.

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