The Biebs vs. the Law!

Oh, Justin.  You are your hi-jinks are getting you in trouble again.  Seriously, this kid is such a douche.  I love to dislike this guy.

If you've been living under a rock, here's the latest updates on the one, the only, Justin Bieber:
- Last week he had a juvenile hissy fit with a neighbor where he was recorded egging his neighbor's house and causing a bunch of damage in LA.

-The LA Police got a warrant to search his house for evidence of the egging (i.e. the video).  The police come upon a bunch of drugs; sizzurp (seriously, wtf are kids doing these days??), ecstasy, prescription drugs and alcohol.  Mr. Bieber is a tender age of 19.

- Bieber's pal, Little Za, got in trouble for the drugs.  Bieber defends his pal and continues to let him live at his house.

- The kid with the hair is quiet-ish for a few days

- Last night in Miami, shiz hit the fan when he was arrested for drag racing while drunk (remember, Biebs is only 19) and resisting arrest.  He screams a bunch of obscenities at the cops in his squeaky prepubescent voice.

- He poses for a douchtastic mug shot.

- Gets released.  Poses like a douche again on top of his SUV.

- Reports get out that Daddy Bieber was drag racing with him and Mommy Bieber was supplying the Xanax or whatever (he's not really sure) to him.  Prescription comes from where??

So, that about sums up the last week of the young singer's life.   Seriously, this kid has EVERY opportunity in the world to do the right thing and be a good person, but he messes it up every time.  What a waste.  Wonder when he will finally hit his rock bottom?

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