Welcome 2014!

As we close out another year, we, at the Ticket Lodge Blog, would like to extend to all our loyal readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.  We hope you have tons of fun tonight (hopefully taking in a show or a game!), but remember to call a cab or a friend if you've had a drink too many.  Be safe and be merry!

So blog article would be complete without a little concert news, so I just wanted to list my top 5 tours or shows to see  in 2014.

1.) One Direction - hands down, no contest.  These tickets will be hard to come by.
2.) Lady Gaga - A perfect mix of theater and pop.  She will be dancing up a storm and will keep the crowd entertained with her many costume changes.
3.) Lorde - The coolest girl from New Zealand.  She keeps things fresh and interesting with her really unique sound.
4.) Miley Cyrus - While possible (completely) a little unhinged, that girl knows how to get people talking.  This show will not disappoint.
5.) Luke Bryan - the dreamiest guy of country music.  The girls all want him and the guys all want to be him.  He seems like a real cool dude.

See ya, 2013!

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