Paul Simon & Sting: On Stage Together

It was announced earlier today that Sting and Paul Simon will join forces for a North American tour in 2014. The tour kicks off in February and is named the "Paul Simon & Sting: On Stage Together" tour.   The tour will take place over 18 dates from February 8th through March 16th and there is the possibility of more dates to come.

While specific dates have not been nailed down yet, it is rumored that the tour will start on the West Coast and travel East.  The set up the show ill be similar to other legendary acts joining forces like Elton John and Billy Joel where each performer has their own solo performances and then they get together for each other's material.

Sting said to the New York Times, "Paul and I both share this abiding curiosity about music and where it’s going, We don’t really know where this is going. We don’t really have a clue how this is going to pan out."

The duo had a preview of their tour at a charity event where they performed acoustic versions of "The Boxer" and "Fields of Gold."  They decided that it made for a very "interesting" sound.

Next year, Sting will keep busy with not only this tour, but also launching the stage version in Chicago and later on Broadway of his musical, "The Last Ship."  He also released an album of the same name in September.

Simon's last studio efforts was released in 2011 called "So Beautiful or So What" and was a big hit.

Stay tuned to the Ticket Lodge for tour dates!

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