Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo

With a hit show already on TLC, the bubbly platinum haired medium, Theresa Caputo is also taking to the road.  Tickets are available right now.  Since her childhood, the "Long Island Medium" has been able to communicate with the "other side," as depicted on her show.  She once said, "Things are just there. When I was younger I used to actually see images and hear things. As I got older and shut down, it had changed. Because it was frightening to see people standing there who actually weren't there."

During her live show, audience members can expect to have an incredible event as they watch Theresa go into action with the audience as she connects with loved ones from the other side. The Medium aids healing in individuals who are desparate to reconnect with loved ones that have passed away. While not everyone will experience a one-on-one interaction with Theresa, all can expect to be moved from her deep connections with people.

Theresa Caputo events are always a hot ticket.  Get yours before they sell out!

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