Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teenager

5seconds14We all know that shopping for teenagers can be one of the most daunting tasks of the holiday season.  Teenagers can a particularly picky and demanding lot and, if you want to avoid undue drama on Christmas morning, you better make sure Santa nails this years’ gift. So what does one get for their favorite teenager this year?  Not clothes.  Let’s face it’s unlikely you are hip enough to pick out just the right style to keep them up to date on the latest fashion trends.  The latest tech toys?  Unless you have $500-700 for the latest hip phone and/or tablet you will likely only disappoint them with some cheap knock-off.

Ever consider tickets to a concert or sporting event?  Tickets to see their favorite performer live in concert just might be an affordable alternative to the increasingly costly traditional gifts.  What is also great about tickets is that you can easily order them online and have them in your hands (thanks to printable e-tickets) in a matter of minutes.  So, with that in mind here are some of the hottest tickets for that teenager of yours this holiday season.

Taylor Swift – Ms. Swift has quickly become the embodiment of the teenage years with her ballads of lost loves and sick puppy dogs.  Her latest album “1989” is a huge hit and she continues to dominate the 13-24 year old market.  If your teenager is a fan of T-Swift, you can’t go wrong with tickets to one of her upcoming shows.

One Direction – Although One Direction is not nearly as popular as they once were, they still have throngs on fans that are ‘literally’ dying to see them in concert.  Thanks to an aggressive tour schedule and large venues, tickets are surprisingly affordable.

5 Seconds of Summer – This up and coming boy band is on pace to overtake 1D in their quest to dominate the teenage girl market.  Their 2015 tour largely takes place at large outdoor venues with lawn / general admission seating so tickets are also very affordable.

Meghan Trainor – Although you may not have heard of Meghan Trainor before you teenage daughter certainly has.  He song “All About That Bass” has quickly become a female anthem popular among teenage girls.

Ariana Grande – Another new pop star making waves across the county.  Although I only know her as the brother of Big Brother 16 cast member Frankie Grande, she apparently has a significantly following and is one of the hottest stars right now.

Iggy Azalea – Iggy Azalea is another up-and-comer that has gained significant traction with the young folks.  She recently announced a 2015 tour with Nick Jonas so there could be interest even from the slightly older crowd.

Lana Del Rey – LDR is another star in the making among the youngsters today.  Lana Del Rey will be out on tour in 2015 with none other than Courtney Love… yes, the one who used to be married to Kurt Cobain and in the band Hole.

Miranda Lambert – For fans of country music, Miranda Lambert certainly seems to speak to the teenagers.  The wife of Blake Shelton will be out on the road with Justin Moore & RaeLynn in 2015.

Foo Fighters – Fans of rock music would no doubt be pumped to see the Foo Fighters live in concert.  Although they will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary they are as popular with the youngsters of today as they still are the youngsters of yesterday – including myself.

Florida Georgia Line –  FGL represents a hip new country that bridges the gap between urban and country music with songs like “Cruise” and “This is how we roll”.

Sports Tickets – If music isn’t their thing, there is always tickets to their favorite sporting event.  The holidays are a great time to buy sports tickets as now if one of the few times you can buy tickets to in season sports like the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and NHL, as well as, upcoming sports like MLB baseball.  In fact, with spring training just around the corner, baseball tickets are actually one of the hottest Christmas gifts every year.


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