Garth Brooks Announces New Album and Tour

****ETA 07/28/2014 Concert Dates and ticket information****

Hot country news!  Just this morning, via a live streamed press conference, one of the most influential stars of country music, Garth Brooks, announced that a new album AND a WORLD tour will be coming this year.  He is also coming into the digital age by releasing his work digitally which is something he had previously claimed that he would never do.  Brooks newest songs will be released on his website,

An album, which is claimed to be more “Classic Brooks” will be a double album and will be released under his new partnership with Sony Music/RCA  Nashville within the next few months.

Garth said in the press conference, “You’ve heard those new terms, bro country and hick-hop? I don’t think my stuff is either one of those. For me, it’s Garth music. If you remember, I wasn’t the country guy in the ‘90s…all I can do is open this up and show you the time and you’ll make that decision what it is. If you had to put it in a box for me? (It’s) Garth music. It’s ever-evolving and it stands the test of time.”

The tour dates should be announced within a week or so and Brooks was thrilled to hint that his ticket prices will be reasonable, as they always have been.  He added, “I know exactly what the ticket price will be. But…you will know in the next 10 days! I’ve gotta tell you, I’m very proud of the ticket price.”

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