Hamilton the Musical is Making Waves

ticket lodgeHamilton is the hottest new music on Broadway at the moment.  It’s such a cool compilation of American history featuring the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton and a hip-hop infused musical score.  It goes back to the start when Hamilton was a young lad, the son of a whore and a Scottish man, barely surviving on a hidden spot in the Caribbean and grows up to be an American hero and scholar.

The musical has already garnered tons of rave reviews from professional critics, but the people really fanning the flames of notoriety are the fans on social media.  Their Instagram page has over 63,000 fans and there are tons of jokes made from lines from the musical.  Lin-Manuel Miranda has gone from unheard of composer to bonifide celebrity; performing for A-listers like Beyonce and President Obama.

Hamilton the musical is playing for the foreseeable future in New York City on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  You will not be disappinted if you go see this.  So go!
David Cote in his review of the Broadway production for Time Out New York wrote “I love Hamilton. I love it like I love New York, or Broadway when it gets it right. And this is so right… A sublime conjunction of radio-ready hip-hop (as well as R&B, Britpop and trad showstoppers), under-dramatized American history and Miranda’s uniquely personal focus as a first-generation Puerto Rican and inexhaustible wordsmith, Hamilton hits multilevel culture buttons, hard… The work’s human drama and novelistic density remain astonishing.”

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