Ticket Lodge Giving Away Hatchimal Pengula!

hatchimal2By now, I’m sure you’ve heard exhaustively about this year’s hottest Christmas toy, the Hatchimal.  It’s this decade’s Furby.  It’s a cute little egg that hatches.  The owner has to care for the “baby” who turns into a toddler learning to walk and talk and then becomes a grown “pet.”  It’s wildly imaginative and cool.  30 years ago, did you ever dream of a toy with this much possibility?  It’s Back to the Future stuff for real!

In all truthfulness, I was tipped off about the popularity of this toy back in October.  I bought one for my kid, not really being sure if I was actually going to gift it or not.  Well, wouldn’t you know, my kid wants a Trolls backpack and water bottle for Christmas instead.  I’m A-OK with that!  Instead of returning the Pengula Hatchimal, I’ve decided to host a giveaway for this year’s hottest toy.

Therefore, the Ticket Lodge is proud to partner with Rafflecopter for a (1) brand new, in box, Pengula Hatchimal!  There are many ways to get entries into the contest, signing up for our newsletter,Tweeting us, liking our Facebook page and more!

See the following link for all possible raffle entries!

Rafflecopter Hatchimal Giveaway


Best of luck!!

The Ticket Lodge

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