Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians Breaking Records and Taking Names

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan.  Huge.  And, did you know?  They’re playing in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.  The Indians are a great team.  They deserve the title almost as much as the Cubs.  The Cubs have not brought home the big W in OVER 100 years.  Since 1906 to be exact. That is an unfathomable amount of time.  The Cubs were last in the World Series in 1945.  They lost to the Detroit Tigers.

The Cubs are now 1-1 with the Indians.  The Indians played a spectacular first game.  They did. Kluber was on fire.  I’ll give it to them for sure.  They won 0-6. Second game belonged to the Cubs taking home the W with a 5-1 score in Cleveland.  The team had some fun again.  It was amazing.  They’ll be back home in Chicago tomorrow and Saturday (we have tickets!  Woot!) Oct. 28-29.

This year’s Cubs team is particularly special.  They’re all so young.  They play with more heart than any other team I’ve ever seen.  It’s not just heart, but they’re also breaking records left and right.  The real Cinderella story this year belongs to Kyle Schwarber.  At the very, very start of the season, Kyle busted him knee in the outfield and thus was out the rest of the regular season.  Manager Joe Maddon actually put Schwarber in as a DH in game 1 of the World Series. This makes Kyle the first MLB player EVER to get his first hit of the year in the post season. Cubs all time post season home runs belongs to Kyle Schwarber.  He now has 10 career October RBIs, leaving him just one short of teammate Kris Bryant for the franchise lead.

And, if you did not know already, Schwarber is quite the accomplished Show Choir performer.  Check him out.

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