Trey Anastasio Releases New Solo Album

One of the biggest names in the jam band genre just announced a new album and tour dates.  Trey Anastasio, the legendary Phish frontman, plans to release a new album from his solo project, the Trey Anastasio Band (I bet they put A LOT of thought into that band name).  The new album, “Paper Wheels”, will be released in early 2015.  However, Anastasio released a preview of the song “Bounce” last week.

In addition to announcing the album, Anastasio released information about a US solo tour where he will perform more previews of the upcoming LP.  The tour will kick off Nov. 28 in Chicago, IL and will wrap up Dec. 13 in Philadelphia, PA.

Fun facts, “Paper Wheels” was recorded in less than one week in Anastasio’s unique and really cool, reconstructed barn studio in Burlington, VT.  The press release about the LP said, “Inspired by the immediacy of Stax-era recordings, Anastasio and his band mates recorded the songs live, playing and singing together in one room and often requiring no more than one or two takes.”

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