Run the Jewels Announces Adult Swim Performance of RTJ4

Fun Run the Jewels news!  They will perform their whole “RTJ4” album for a special Adult Swim session at Midnight EST on Saturday, Oct. 10.  Fans can also check out the concert on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel afterward.  The purpose of the special is to encourage voter turnout both and will be the channel’s first-ever live concert broadcast and is a debut live performance of RTJ4.  Killer Mike and El-P said in a press release,  “We’re proud to be a part of this initiative to encourage and enable voting and can’t wait to finally perform our album RTJ4. This will be fun.”

Sponsored by my favorite ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, the show is titled “Holy Calamavote,” and will not be interrupted by commercials according to the press release. Viewers will be encouraged to donate to ACLU, to help keep up the fight for civil rights

Jabari Paul, head of U.S. activism at Ben & Jerry’s, stated in the press release: “Young people are the single largest block of voters, and if they turn out at the same rate as their parents, they have the power to hold elected officials accountable on issues like policing and public safety, climate change, education, jobs and the economy. That’s why we are proud that Run the Jewels is (sic) helping spread that word and we’re pleased to be working with Adult Swim to make this exciting night happen.”

Run the Jewels Tour with Rage Against the Machine has been rescheduled for late next summer.  See below for all RTJ tour dates and ticket information:

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