Hannibal Buress Announces 2020 Drive-In Comedy Show

So we’ve already established that 2020 has been a messed up year, right? Obviously one of the hardest-hit industries has been the entertainment industry. Entertainers and independent venues across the globe are struggling to keep afloat. One of the more ingenious ideas to earn some revenue has been head to outdoor spaces to host drive-in concerts and shows. One of my most favorite comedians, Hannibal Buress, is jumping on this bandwagon for his own drive-in comedy tour. I’m here for this.

The tour is dubbed “Let’s See How This Goes” and is so apporpriately named. In partnership with Hotbox & Outback there will be six total shows on Buress’ comedy tour. He will kick off in Cleveland on Sept. 22 and will conclude Sept. 27 in his hometown of Chicago, IL (hooray!) and will have both and early and a late show.

Fans (me) can look forward to many of his jokes and punchlines for his latest comedy special, Miami Nights, which was released last month for free. If that’s not enough Hannibal for you, check out some of his other shows on Netflix. Animal Furnace by Hannibal is one of my all-time favorite comedy acts.

Of course you’ll still need to wear a mask. Get some here.

Hannibal Buress 2020 Tour Dates:
09/22 — Cleveland, OH @ Auto-O-Rama Twin Drive In
09/23 — Butler, PA @ Starlite Drive-In
09/24 — Columbus, OH @ South Drive-In
09/25 — Indianapolis, IN @ Tibb’s Drive-In
09/27 — Chicago, IL @ Lake Shore Drive-In

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