Phish Announces Fall Tour

This one is for you, jam band fans.  Phish recently announced that they will be heading out on tour this fall for a twelve date run.  The tour will kick off Oct. 17 in Eugene, OR and will wrap up Nov. 2 in Las Vegas, NV.  They will also perform their legendary Halloween show in Vegas.  Have you ever been to Vegas on Halloween?  It’s um, interesting. I think professional strippers wear more than those walking the streets.  Nevertheless, it’s very good people watching.  At any rate, Phish will also be performing in Seattle, 2 nights in Santa Barbara, Inglewood, Chula Vista, San Fran for 3 nights and 3 nights total in Vegas.  Phish is currently finishing up their summer tour.

Phish has a total of twelve studio albums under their belt.  Their first album was released in 1989 named, “Junta.”  Their latest album was released on June 24 of this year, named, “Fuego.”  That album was their first new album in over 5 years! Their sound is a mix of rock, reggae, soul and bluegrass.  Band members include Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon and Page McConnell.  Phish has a HUGE following and tickets should sell fast.

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