Garbage Announces Version 2.0 20th Anniversary Tour

This one I’m totally pumped about! My absolute favorite 90’s alt. rock chick (sorry Dolores and Courtney) just announced that she will be hitting the road this fall!  Shirley Manson and her band Garbage will go out on tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their smash album, ‘Version 2.0’  (Related, OMG, I clearly remember the album coming out and waiting at Tower Records for it.  How old am I??)  The first of 17 shows will kick off Sept. 29 in Seattle, WA and will wrap up Oct. 27 in Brooklyn, NY.  They will also travel to Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.  Fans can look forward to the band performing the classic album in full, in addition to several B-sides from a soon-to-be released reissue coming out June 22.

Garbage released their iconic album, ‘Version 2.0′ in May of 1998 and it includes the singles “I think I’m Paranoid’ and “When I Grow Up.’  The album earned the group nominations for Album of the Year and Best Rock Album in 1999 at the Grammys.  Their debut self-titled album was released in 1995 and includes the singles “Only Happy When It Rains’ and “Stupid Girl.’  Garbage last released an album in 2016, ‘Strange Little Birds.’  It is their sixth studio album and supported it when a 2017 summer tour with Blondie.

See below for all upcoming Garbage shows:

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