Summerland Tour Schedule

More 90’s bands are coming out of the woodwork!  Soul Asylum, Everclear, Eve 6 and Spacehog will be teaming up for the 3rd annual Summerland Tour.  Seriously, some of the bands that helped define 90’s music.  The tour will kick off June 13 in Pompano Beach, FL and will wrap up at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee on Aug. 7.

Fans can surely expect to hear the “classics” from the bands like “I will Buy You a New Life” by Everclear, “Runaway Train” from Soul Asylum (remember the missing kids music video??), “Inside Out” from Eve 6 and “In the Meantime” by Spacehog (one of my ultimate favs of the era).

Art Alexakis of Everclear, a founder of the tour, said about the Summerland Tour, “This tour just seems to get better and better every year. Both the bands and the fans are starting to connect with the name Summerland. It seems like it’s becoming synonymous with ’90′s Alternative Rock,”

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